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OSHA fines H.M. Richards for death of maintenance worker

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is recommending a $55,100 fine for furniture manufacturer H.M. Richards. The company, founded in 1997, has 15 business days to respond. Last Oct. 1, Raymond Reece, a 46-year-old maintenance worker at H.M. Richards Inc., was fatally electrocuted, as he disconnected wiring on a saw at the company’s frame shop on […]

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Happy workers

Getting along with co-workers more important than big pay

Would you be willing to make less money at work to keep from working with people you don’t like? According to a recent study, most people say, “yes.”  In this report in The Daily Mail, “Getting on with colleagues is more important to workers than a big salary, a new study has revealed. A detailed study […]

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Hopeful laid-off Lane employees attend job fair

Last month, the parent company of Lane Furniture Industries stunned the employees at Lane’s Saltillo plant, announcing it would be closed by March 21. Heritage Home Group said “business circumstances” forced it to make the decision. The decision meant 480 people would be laid off.  Many of them are looking for jobs, and on Wednesday, a job […]

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Stressful jobs

Stressful jobs – see if yours is on the list

From Business Insider, we have the list of the 10 least stressful – and 10 most stressful – jobs. Is your job on either list? No career is absolutely stress-free, but some jobs are certainly less stressful than others. Most of the time, the least stressful jobs are indoors and in a controlled environment that allows employees […]

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UAW moves toward organizing first Southern auto plant

The United Auto Workers union said last week it has gotten signed cards from more than half of the workers at Volkswagen’s automotive assembly plant in Chattanooga. That means a vote at the plant is possible, and if the workers vote to organize, it would be the UAW’s first successful effort at an automotive plant […]

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Fast food strike

Fast food restaurant protests planned Thursday

Some protests across the country demanding $15 “living wage” minimum wages at fast food restaurants will be making their way across the South on Thursday. No word if it will affect any restaurants in Mississippi. According to the Dallas Morning News, the protests will be one-day walkouts that mirror similar events in New York and […]

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United Steelworkers looking to unionize Cooper Tire in Tupelo

UPDATE: Here’s the Daily Journal story that publishes Saturday, Aug. 17. ========== Friday’s Original Post: The United Steelworkers is attempting to unionize  the 1300-worker Cooper Tire plant in Tupelo.Friday’s post: Union organizers met with about 40 people at the Holiday Inn Express in Tupelo Thursday night and another meeting is scheduled tonight. A USW staff […]

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