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Back in the game: Beachum’s Food Truck opens in Fulton

By | September 7, 2018
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    bobwhitedabird 7 months ago Reply

    Hey Dennis. Thought you would have an article in here on the Tupelo food trucks. I’m sure you have heard all this:

    1) They pay no property taxes
    2) They don’t hire employess to speak of
    3) They can be disruptive to traffic flow if positioned badly
    4) I question the sanitation over time also. But I do for other restaurants as well.

    You know my thoughts on these brick and mortar restaurants that are say number 13 restaurant in the same building over time and how very stupid it is to think your now will be the winner when 12 failed before you in your spot. What is that saying, “insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” or words to that effect. But hey, it is clearly an unlevel playing field for them when we flood downtown with portable eating huts. They should be taxed at a level equivalent to their stationed counter parts . Is this not common sense? Heck, downtown struggles to stay alive now, why hurt it more.
    Hey what’s the update on those land developments next to the big eye place on Gloster at the mall area? A good number of spaces being developed by the Farmer In The Dale over there; oops, son of the farmer in the dale. Give us an update in here. We are waiting with baited breath! ( I am not a restaurant owner just a common sense business man)

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    Dennis Seid 7 months ago Reply

    You should read my column in the Daily Journal from Sunday, but you might not like it, based on your comments here.

    I don’t think the food trucks flood downtown at all. When it’s food truck Friday in Fairpark, there could be 8 or 9 of them, yes. But there’s never more than two at a time downtown. And they might have 2-3 people working for them for a 3-4 hour period. It’s not going to be get-rich money by any means.

    Here’s my take – if you’re headed to a sit-down restaurant, that’s probably where you’re going to go and you’re not going to stop by a food truck. Especially when its 95 degrees outside. There’s nowhere to sit, you won’t get a refill, you won’t get your table cleared. It’s food to-go. Food trucks will be busy maybe 5-6 months total throughout the year, during the warmer and nicer months to make up for the slow months. And they don’t churn customers anywhere near the rate a brick-and-mortar restaurant does.

    As for taxing them, I’m not sure how you do that. They have to pay sales tax, and they have to pay for a business license and they’re inspected by the health department. THey’ve said they’re even willing to pay a food truck permit whatever it may be. I think that’s as far as it should go.

    Now for your other questions: the big empty spot next to Wesson & Mothershed? Good question. Steak & Shake was looking there by now they’re going next to Community Bank. That might have taken the wind out of the one sail that was going.

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