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206 Fish, Steak & Seafood House coming to old Anthony’s Pizza spot in downtown Tupelo

By | August 2, 2018
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    bobwhitedabird 4 months ago Reply

    First, I wish all the folks at 206 the best! Remember my comment to an earlier article about how there are a few locations that have had 10 or 12 different restaurants and bars in the same building spot over the decades. I don’t know if this is one or not. The bar revenue has always carried the food revenue in most businesses. That is a fact. I do not understand how people often repeat the same mistake over and over and continue to fail over and over– and they believe this one will be one??? Not saying the 206 people have or will. More surprising is that banks continue to loan money to ventures they know have a 75% chance to fail. Must be a lot of “daddy’s money” and a lot of houses mortgaged to the hilt? Of all the industry sectors, restaurant start ups have always been at or near the top stat wise to fail. Yet, I see this done over and over in Tupelo. It is somewhat ” mindboggling” to veteran business folks. I truly wish you folks at “206” the best and hey, prove me wrong.

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    Sharon west 4 months ago Reply

    Not a start up been in business since 2014. Just changing locations. He and tonya have great customers and many new customers to come. Don’t down someone if you have never experienced their food and atmosphere.

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      Papabear51 4 months ago Reply

      Sounds like Bob is a bit frustrated…

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    Ruth kelly 4 months ago Reply

    Best of luck on your new venture! We will support you and love you! We also know you will do great!

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    Harold 4 months ago Reply

    Go get’em nephew.

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    faucetscomplete 4 months ago Reply

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    Michael Mann 3 months ago Reply

    What’s the phone number

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