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Yes, it’s finally happening: Steak ‘n Shake to open in Tupelo

By | July 24, 2018
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    Patsy Carwyle 7 months ago Reply

    I am so excited about this,,, when I would travel I always stop ONLY to eat at Steak & Shake. I am super Pumped!!

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    Michelle Weekes 7 months ago Reply

    Dammitttt! Just when I move you finally get SteakNShake. At least I know it’ll be there when I visit. Congratulations Tupelo!

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    Lee Reynolds 7 months ago Reply

    I taught it would never happen i am
    So excited when I heard the new.
    It me and my wife favorite place to
    Eat when we are in southern. Really looking forward to eating there. I will be spreading the word around.
    Thank for bringing us a Steak N Steak to Tupelo.

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    bobwhitedabird 7 months ago Reply

    There was so much speculation it was going in next to the eye center further north. Wonder why we have had no news on all that space there? All the women want a Target– I want a KMART. Fat chance on that, can’t keep the ones they have open. We need some lower end competition to Wally World. You can see how Dollar tree exploded after the great recession. One of the best retail stock performers and bringing in freezer food helped all over again. I don’t shop there but many fixed income folks have too. Keep up the good articles but please add more as to business and development. … Hmmmm what about Costco? Too much time having the same article up for weeks. Other biz news must exist? Also, the business world has a downside, it is not always store opening , all get rich. Many times the exact opposite happens. Hope all enjoy the Steak ‘N Shake. I will also try out Lee’s steak n steak.

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      Dennis Seid 7 months ago Reply

      Thanks for your comment…the Biz Buzz blog was originally designed to bring breaking business news as well as other related business news. It’s not necessarily the go-to source for daily business info. If we find out stuff, we’ll put it out there. Sometimes it’s speculation and doesn’t work out, sometimes it does.

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    Ann Gruner 7 months ago Reply

    So excited….love Steak n Sbake

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    Mike Hopkins 7 months ago Reply

    Stoked… Love me some Steak and Shake

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