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Queen’s Reward, first meadery in Mississippi, to have grand opening celebration

By | June 19, 2018
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    Bob White 8 months ago Reply

    I was just thinking over the decades how many eating places in Tupelo and area have been in the same location. I am sure one location has had 10 or so in the same spot? Opened with a new name and new management, heard that one before? Since it is common business knowledge that approximately 80% of new , unknown restaurants fail within the first 5 years— why would one do it? My guess a poorly thought out business plan, coupled with an ego and some loose personal family dollars. Also don’t forget the- ” all my friends want me to do it , it will make money”. Sure it will. Bars are even worse. Makes no real sense does it. What does this have to do with a meadery? Nothing I guess. Good luck ! Next Dennis, let’s talk about doctor’s’ wives opening women’s stores with hubby’s money– lol– the numbers are even worse than above…..Loose money , credit lines, and friends with all these great ideas… it will get ya…

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