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Hancock Fabrics to close remaining stores

By | March 31, 2016
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  • tesoroforever

    Terrible news for people who like to sew!!!!

    • Tiffany Sherman

      Look for a locally owned quilt shop!

      • StrawPoll

        Hancock had a nice selection of upholstery fabrics something that a quilt shop wouldn’t carry.

        • BynceZaShbn

          Yeah. f uck You.

  • What!?!? No!!!

  • awake

    terrible news!!!

  • Mary

    This is depressing news. I have been saving money to buy a special sewing machine and will miss them greatly.

    • mnyama

      Get it at a great discount!

    • BynceZaShbn

      Then how bout you s uck a d ick.

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  • Valerie Van Handel

    Terrible news. This is by far my favorite fabric store. I feel for all the employees.

  • Ann A. Jones

    Leaves JoAnn with no serious competition, and that’s not good.

    • Maggie C

      I agree that’s where it will hurt me.

    • Naters

      Jo Ann may have to over-expand at this point. As a Jo Ann worker, this is kind of concerning.

  • Katharine

    We know whom to thank. 🙁

    • ren_man

      right — the horrid managers of the company who previously filed for bankruptcy in 2007 (pre-Obama) and cut the number of stores nearly in half then and still couldn’t manage to make a profit but one year 2009.

      oh, and all the people who don’t sew or if they did shopped elsewhere>

      and let’s just toss Hobby Lobby and Walmart in to the mix too as they also sell fabrics and notions.

      You either manage well and compete well or you sink. JoAnns sunk themselves.

      • theicecube

        Uh- the article is about Hancocks not JoAnns.

        • ren_man

          sometimes I just type too faista

  • Darkstar

    Worst news ever! We have no other dedicated fabric store in town. We’re left with Walmart or Hobby Lobby which have crummy selections, or else with a couple places that cater to quilters only and have nothing for home sewers, and so have nothing but a selection of lightweight cotton prints. If you want to make a dress, or a skirt, or pants, or a costume, you’re going to be stuck with ordering off the internet, or with traveling hundreds of miles out of town to Minneapolis or Denver.

    Everything I can think of to say involves swear words.

    • BynceZaShbn

      F uck off re tart.

  • Maggie C

    I’m truly sorry about this for the people who don’t have other options like JoAnns. For me personally, the employees in the stores have always been standoffish, unhelpful, even very rude. I get better service at JoAnns. I stood in Hancock’s in Fredericksburg, VA, waiting to buy a sewing machine, while another customer was helped. When she was finished I stepped up to the employee, who then noticed an older woman (no, not elderly) and decided to help her and told me to wait a bit more. I can only assume because she knew her or could tell she was more experienced than I. But seriously, what?! I hope that employee understands, it’s people like her that helped this happen. (By the way, yes, I left and took my $$$business to JoAnn’s.

    • Maggie C

      The problem for me, is now JoAnn’s can raise their prices, because Hobby Lobby is no competition in this Dept.

    • BynceZaShbn

      You was prolly actin re tarted.

  • Frances Claassens

    I didn’t know how they lasted this long…

  • Rev Bindy

    I remember when one could buy fabric at Goldsmiths.

    • BynceZaShbn

      Congratulations mother f ucker.

  • Ruth Sunday

    Because of my general dislike for JoAnn’s I tried to shop at Hancocks whenever possible. Managers of both stores in town are quilt friends of a couple decade’s standing. Unfortunately, neither store was kept well stocked and if there was a good sale it was difficult to find the items you wanted… They were either shipped in short or not shipped at all. Tried to do business with Hancocks on-line. That didn’t work either. Fabrics were cut short or not shipped. Either way, it wasn’t good.

  • Raymond Chuang

    It’ll be interesting to see if both JoAnn and Hobby Lobby will be forced to upgrade their fabric selections to cater to former Hancock Fabrics customers.

    • BynceZaShbn

      That’s only interesting if you are a f ucked up re tart.

  • Brenda Partee Peterson

    What a shame board of directors let company get into an unthinkable debt before bringing in new upper management. After going in red every year but one something should have been done sooner. It appears they let the company go under and milked the company for large saleries as long as they could. Instead of closing under performing stores they opened new ones. If they weren’t able to turn company around in 3 years they should have resigned and let some one else try!