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What to know about the new CashSaver grocery store in Tupelo

You’ve probably seen the ads in the paper and on TV: A CashSaver grocery store is coming to Tupelo. Kilgore:cashsaver

Many of you have figured out where it’s going, but in case you didn’t, it’s going to be where Kilgore’s Supermarket is now.

You’ll remember that Kilgore’s was bought by Food Giant last year, and in January, its new owners began a renovation of the long-time store.

It’s reopening as a CashSaver next Wednesday, Aug. 6.

Essentially, the store has been renovated from top to bottom, expanded in the back, and new equipment has been added throughout the store.

It’s been gutted, in other words. A new floor has yet to be placed, and other minor work needs to be done in the interior, including new signs.

So what is  CashSaver all about? It’s simple: The prices on everything in the store is shown at cost (the expense it takes to buy it and ship it), plus 10 percent.

Enoch Smithey, the store manager, said the business model applies to everything in the store.

The interior has been completely renovated, and by this time next week, a CashSaver sign will replace the Kilgore's sign.

The interior has been completely renovated, and by this time next week, a CashSaver sign will replace the Kilgore’s sign.

“What it does is bring down c0sts across all categories. Some categories that have had larger markups applied at other stores, but that won’t be the case here,” he said.

Overall costs, based on the business model, should be lower for customers. It’s about generating volume, and Food Giant district manager David Holcomb said, ‘It levels the playing field.”

The weekly sales won’t disappear entirely, Holcomb added.

“We’ll still have featured items, but the everyday low prices will be there week in, week out,” he said.

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  • Beauregard Rippy

    10% upcharge or markup is too much!

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