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Brooks Grocery to open in Tupelo next spring, employ 65-75

Brooks Grocery is opening a 27,000-square-foot full-line supermarket next spring in west Tupelo.Brooks Grocery logo

The store, to be located on a 3.5-acre parcel at the intersection of Coley Road and West Jackson Extended, is a multimillion-dollar project that will employ 65-75 people.

Along with fresh produce and fruit and a meat and seafood market, it also will have a deli and bakery. Owner Brooks Davis said a pharmacy or floral shop also are options.

The store will open in the first quarter of next year.

The store will open in the first quarter of next year.

Attached to the store will be a 3,000-square-foot AT&T authored retailer.

Developer V.M. Cleveland, who is owner and chairman of the nearby Tupelo Furniture Market, said an additional 6,000 square feet of retail space is available in the building.

Also, he owns additional acreage that could be used for future development, he added

Davis had been looking at building a store in the area for about six years, and had come close to opening one on McCullough Boulevard. At the same time, an opportunity arose in Iuka, and he bought a store there, renovated it and opened the first Brooks Grocery.

The Tupelo store will serve as the flagship of the company he said. As for the location, Davis said it was ideal.

“We looked at several sites, but ultimately this is where the traffic and where the rooftops are with proximity to several subdivisions,” he said. “Plus we have a stop light, and with the furniture market next door, it was the ideal location for us,” he said.

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  • Tim

    Umm, so this is what all the excitement was about? A small local owned grocery that isn’t large enough to be able to purchase in large enough quantity to compete with Walmart and Kroger on price and yet another cellular retail store?

  • Rob Williams

    Tim, oh you mean like Todd’s Big Star? Last I checked they are local and doing well, just installed new freezers actually. I enjoy shopping there and as someone that lives in West Tupelo, I look forward to doing business at Brooks Grocery.

    • Tim

      Yes Rob, that’s my point exactly. west Tupelo already had Todds Big Star and East Tupelo has Palmers Big Star both local owned smaller supermarkets that have been in business forever and who’s loyal customers wouldn’t think of shopping anywhere else. Then there’s Kilgore’s on South Gloster and SavALot on East Main for the budget conscious shoppers. I just don’t see that there’s room for another small local owned supermarket in the Tupelo market. They might get some business from the surrounding country club/Belden subdivisions but those people have been very vocal about wanting an upscale supermarket for their area and this store will not satisfy those people (at least if they are gong to be carrying the same generic and low end brands they focus on in Iuka). I know its hard to believe, especially for those people who swear they never shop in national retailers, but most people do in face buy their groceries at Walmart or Kroger and the ones that don’t are loyal to either Todds or Palmers and aren’t likely to switch. The original article made it seem as if the city was making an announcement of a major retail development this morning and this just isn’t that type of situation.

  • cindirutledgeparker

    These will be empty buildings in a few years. Just like the furniture markets. So stupid. VM Cleveland is an idiot and Tupelo should know better.

  • cindirutledgeparker

    Rob Williams you are dumb. Really, really dumb. Todd’s has been in business for ever. They also have a great location. Empty buildings. I give them maybe 5 years.

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