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‘Special retail announcement’ planned Thursday in Tupelo

Some intriguing information here, as the Community Development Foundation sent out a press release that said it would have a “special retail announcement” at 10 a.m. Thursday at the corner of West Jackson Street Extended and Coley Road.

If you’re wondering where that’s at, it’s at the junction of the Tupelo Furniture Market, the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo and the Tupelo Regional Airport.

I’m assuming they’re talking about the big empty field that’s available. We’ll find out tomorrow what that special announcement is all about.

But I can all but guarantee you that is is NOT the long-hoped-for Target.No Target

I do, however, have an idea what it might be.

Anybody care to weigh in on what they think it might be?

It is kind of unusual for the CDF to get involved with a retail project, at least in my experience.

  • Tupelo_Guy

    It’s probably a furniture retail store. I’ll be surprised if its a home accessories store like Linen N Things, Stein Mart…stores like that.

  • Rob Williams

    A Waffle House!

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