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Vanelli: ‘I do intend on reopening’

One of the biggest unanswered questions after the April 28 tornado is, “When will Vanelli’s reopen?”

Vanelli's, pre-tornado

Vanelli’s, pre-tornado

Owner vOz Vanelli has indicated in the past few weeks that he plans to rebuild, and in the past few days, he’s reinforced those thought

How, when and where aren’t quite set in stone – Vanelli still is waiting to settle with insurers – but on Facebook and on the restaurant’s website, Vanelli all but confirms he’ll be back.

The website, for example, asks for visitors to vote for their favorite appetizers, pasta dishes, pizza and salads.

“We’re rebuilding! And that’s hard work,” the site says. “As we come back, we’d like you to help us by taking a series of polls on the right to tell us what you’d like to see on the menu.”

And on Facebook, Vanelli posted this after someone asked about its return:

Hello Friends … I really do appreciate all the interest in Vanelli’s future plans; I am deeply honored. I have not sold the property on N Gloster although I’ve had several offers. As of now I am intending on rebuilding, just waiting on the Insurance to settle. I am not at liberty nor do I exactly know when or in what context Vanelli’s will emerge, but know this. I do intend on reopening. I am honored by all the kindnesses shown to my employees’ and me. Thank you all for the positive interest in Vanelli’s Returning. If you have the time, keep up with the Vanellis website for the most current information and please participate in the surveys posted. Feel free to email or call me whenever you like, it would be nice to visit with you. My intention is to make Vanelli’s better then ever and need your input to do that… Peace / vOz



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