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Not-so-Happy? New Happy Meal mascot scary for some

McDonald’s rolled out its updated Ronald McDonald recently, and on Monday, it rolled out its new McD's Happy MascotHappy Meal mascot, Happy.

Note the bulging eyes, big teeth and long, loopy arms. Yeah…

Apparently a bit intimidating and creepier than the new Ronald McDonald, according to several reports Here’s one from The Wire, which says:

Meet Happy, McDonald’s terrifying new mascot. Happy is an animated Happy Meal Box, completely with soul-scanning eyes, a black hole mouth, and judgey arms, Happy is the new ambassador of the restaurant’s new healthy Happy Meals. Maybe McDonald’s is trying to scare children into eating their vegetables.

Happy is the “ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating.” He is encouraging kids to eat the healthy Happy Meal options: fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and water or juice. He is especially welcoming of the new Low Fat Strawberry Go-Gurt. Because nothing says “finish your carrot sticks” like a psychotic stare from the side of a box.

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