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Survey says: US not one of the ‘happiest countries’

With apologies to Pharrel lWilliams, we in the good ol’ US of A apparently aren’t that “Happy.” Happy face

According to 247WallSt., the happiest residents in the world are in Switzerland for the second consecutive year, according to the Better Life Index released today.

The study, published annually by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), reported that U.S. failed to crack the top 10 for the fourth consecutive year, while neighbors Mexico and Canada did.

The Better Life Index rates the 34 OECD member nations, as well as Brazil and the Russian Federation, on 11 variables that contribute to a high quality of life, including income, education, housing, health,and life satisfaction. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 11 countries with the highest life satisfaction score.

The U.S. dropped from 14th to 17th this year. The top 10 are:

  1. Switzerland: Life satisfaction score: 7.8
  2. Norway: Life satisfaction score: 7.7
  3. Canada: Life satisfaction score: 7.6 (tied for 3rd)
  4. Denmark: Life satisfaction score: 7.6 (tied for 3rd)
  5. Austria: Life satisfaction score: 7.5 (tied for 5th)
  6.  Iceland: Life satisfaction score: 7.5 (tied for 5th)
  7. Australia: Life satisfaction score: 7.4 (tied for 7th)
  8. Finland: Life satisfaction score: 7.4 (tied for 7th)
  9. Mexico: Life satisfaction score: 7.4 (tied for 7th)
  10. Netherlands: Life satisfaction score: 7.4 (tied for 7th)

“Given how well the country scores in these measures, it is clear that life satisfaction cannot be explained just by considering job opportunities and health. For example, Mexico had extremely low scores in safety, environment, jobs, and health, but still was one of the top-rated nations for life satisfaction.”

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