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Tupelo entrepreneur starts grocery delivery business

Robert Mann   thinks he’s hit on a great idea – offering grocery delivery to customers in Tupelo.

Mann has started Tupelo Grocery Delivery, and will offer his service from 7:30 a.m. to 7  p.m. every day of the week.

For a fee, he’ll fulfill any grocery order, small or large, at any grocery store in Tupelo and deliver it.

The fee is a percentage up to $100; purchases more than $100 are charged a flat rate of $22.50. groceries delivery

His target audience are busy families, the elderly, parents taking care of sick kids, people who just don’t want to go shopping, folks who may have forgotten something …. essentially anyone who prefers someone else to do the shopping and to deliver it.

“You can call even if it’s just a couple of items. … I can deliver it that day or the next day, whatever works for you,” he said.

While he’s still working out the details and logistics of the business, Mann said the service will be limited to Tupelo for now. If it grows, he can expand his delivery area.

In addition, he’s considering making treks to Memphis to Whole Foods Market and/or The Fresh Market if there’s interest in that.

“But that’ll be down the road – I want to establish this idea first and see how it goes,” he said.

Mann can be reached at (662) 397-3818 or


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