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Here’s the new logo for Tupelo, the “Center of Positivity”

Here’s the new Tupelo logo officially unveiled today at the CVB:


In an effort to invigorate what tourism officials said was a diluted and stale brand, the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau on Thursday introduced a new logo and a new theme – the “Center of Positivity.”
The logo features a lowercase “Tupelo” with a four-color “crown” symbolizing that the city is the birthplace of the King of Rock n’ Roll. The stylized “p” and “o” point upward to indicate the positive spirit that drives everything in Tupelo, said CVB Executive Director Neal McCoy.
“It’s an uplifting, positive message  that we can all share,” he said.
A video (click here to view) shown before the logo unveiling highlighted some of the “positive” accomplishments of the city through the years, including it becoming the first TVA city, its success at dairy production, its ascension as a furniture manufacturing hub and its recruitment of Toyota.
It also poked fun at being stopped by a train and turning it into “a good reason to be late.”
“You can share this happy optimism… and become a Center of Positivity,” the video proclaimed.
Read more in Friday’s Daily Journal.


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