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Grady’s set to open next week – and the bull is back

We told you a couple of weeks ago that Grady’s is opening on the corner of Daybrite and South Green, and it looks like it will open during Spring Break week. Grady's Bull

Biz Buzz stopped by the restaurant yesterday, and the owners were working in the kitchen, getting things set up. The building still needs a little paint and trim on the exterior, they said.

Out front is the famous bull that adorned the original Grady’s, which happens to be this very same spot.

The location was most recently Jed’s Gumtree Cafe, and before that, Gumtree Cafe. It’s also been Spencer’s and Whiteside’s.

The bull – which has seen better days – will stay outside, welded to a trailer, so it’ll be tougher to take it and say, put it on the roof of the high school.

As a reminder, the new Grady’s won’t be quite like the old Grady’s 10-cent Hamburger place. Instead it will offer a daily lunch buffet from which diners can choose and entree and vegetables.

Here’s what we said a couple of weeks back:

Some of the old family recipes will be employed, including its country fried steak, bone-in pork chop sandwich, homemade mustard relish and sauces and vegetables. A southern food buffet line will be in place like the other restaurants that have been there. And of course the hamburger, but rest assured it won’t be selling for 10 cents.


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