Three Airbus planes this week keep UAM busy

It’s been a busy week at Tupelo Regional Airport and for Universal Asset Management.

Three retired Airbus planes have landed for the plane disassembly operation.

Lufthansa Airbus 340 landing at Tupelo Regional | Courtesy photo

Lufthansa Airbus 340 landing at Tupelo Regional | Courtesy photo

More from UAM:

Universal Asset Management Inc.  announces the arrival of three aircraft to their Tupelo, Miss. disassembly facility at the Tupelo Regional Airport  for immediate disassembly and sale.

An Airbus A300 previously operated by Monarch Airlines, an Airbus A330 previously operated by Malaysia Airlines, and an Airbus A340 previously operated by Lufthansa will be inducted into UAM’s End-of-Life Recycling Process and the components that are removed from the aircraft will be added to UAM’s Airbus aftermarket component inventory.

The Tupelo disassembly facility employs certified A&P mechanics and leads the industry in the most comprehensive disassembly process allowing UAM to provide the largest component availability in the industry.

Keri Wright, Chief Executive Officer at UAM stated “This is an exciting time for UAM as we continue to increase the number of aircraft arriving for disassembly.” She continues, “These three wide-body aircraft arrived at our disassembly facility within a few days of each other and we have already initiated the disassembly process.”

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