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Local Mobile to serve lunch at Blue Canoe next few days

Kudos to owner Adam Morgan and Blue Canoe for playing host to Curt McLellan and his Local Mobile food truck.localmobile mclellan

The food truck is out a few days for repairs, and Morgan extended his hospitality and is playing host to Curt. Read on, from the Blue Canoe Facebook page:

Is the new Blue Canoe foodtruck really about to happen?

Nope, but for the next several days Blue Canoe itself is going to pretend to be a foodtruck. You see, our good blue-canoefoodtruck friends at Local Mobile encountered some maintenance issues earlier today, but instead of them being out of commission for several days, losing money from two angles, we are going to let them set up shop for lunch at Blue Canoe till they’re back up on their wheels. My only stipulation was that Chicken & Dumplings be the special!!

They’ll be serving up their entire menu from 11-1. You’re welcome to eat inside, out back on the patio or take it to go as usual. Please come drop by and help them get back up and rolling around town. Please share this if you’re so inclined, let’s show them what community is all about and get the word out. Cheers!!



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