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IRS: More than half of Mississippians have filed their taxes

The Internal Revenue Service says about 500,000 Mississippians have filed their taxes so far. That compares to about 399,000 at this point last year. tax-refund

That’s a pretty good clip, considering Jan. 31 was the day the IRS began accepting returns.

“As of Feb. 17, Mississippi taxpayers have filed nearly 500,000 electronic-filed returns,” said IRS spokesman Mark Green. “We expect 1.3 million tax returns to be filed in Mississippi, with about 1.1 million electronically.

Nationwide, as of Feb. 7, the IRS had received 27.3 million returns, up 2.5 percent compared to the same time last year. About 96 percent were filed electronically.


Refunds are cup for this year, with almost 19.5 million issued so far, an 18 percent increase from last year.

The average refund as of Feb. 7 is $3,317, up 4.6 percent. Also 87 percent of the refunds have been directly deposited.

So, if you haven’t filed – get with it.


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