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Too little, too late? Silver Airways addresses pilot shortage

A serious issue that Silver Airways faces, some officials say, is that it doesn’t have enough pilots for its operations.

Recently, the Tupelo Regional Airport cited Silver’s performance issues for its spotty record in Tupelo and elsewhere (click here for previous story).

Now Silver says it’s worked out a solution. But could it be too little, too late?  Hopefully not.Silver Air plane

Here’s Silver’s news:

Silver Airways and its pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1224 (Local 1224) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Airline Division (IBTAD), today announced that they have successfully partnered to reach an agreement that will help address pilot shortages at the airline and provide Silver’s pilots with pay increases and quality of life improvements.

The two groups have been working since August 2013 on a midterm contract solution that will increase pilot pay and provide quality of life enhancements, while at the same time allowing the airline to better operate and continue to grow. Once ratified by the pilots, the Letter of Agreement will also assist the airline in attracting and retaining high quality pilots by immediately boosting pay, enhancing commuting and schedule flexibility, and allowing all pilots who remain with the Company for another year to earn a cash retention bonus.

The agreement was negotiated over the last several months, and it is being strongly endorsed by both the Silver Executive Council and their Teamster local. Final approval, however, is subject to ratification by Silver’s pilot membership.

“We are very pleased that we reached a mutually beneficial agreement that recognizes the value of our pilots and the key role they play at Silver, while at the same time ensuring that our company can operate successfully and continue to grow and expand. Achieving these goals is an outcome that will not only allow us to secure and better our pilots’ jobs, it will create more advancement opportunity enabling our pilots to gain the experience needed to quickly advance in their careers as professional aviators, both here and throughout the industry. We are fortunate to have very skilled pilots here at Silver, and we hope that they will make a career with us. We believe that our new agreement with the Union will satisfy all of our pilots regardless of their future plans,” said Silver Airways President and CEO Dave Pflieger. “I would like to thank Captain Daniel Wells, Captain Richard Green, the Teamsters, and our pilot leadership team here at Silver for their incredible hard work and dedication throughout our ground-breaking discussions. I firmly believe that we have achieved a unique win-win agreement that will strengthen the wages and quality of life of our pilots while ensuring our ability to grow and become a successful new, next generation regional airline.”

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our efforts,” said Captain Richard Green, Silver Executive Council Chairman for Local 1224. “We were not interested in discussions that didn’t benefit our members. This new agreement addressed key outstanding issues we wanted resolved, and it will provide economic gains and quality of life improvements for all of our pilots.”

Captain Daniel Wells, president of the Airline Professional Association Teamsters Local 1224, who is also a 747 captain with Atlas Air and 28-year industry veteran, added “We believe this outcome should serve as a model for the rest of the regional airline industry. We do not have a “skills-gap” but rather a “pay-gap” in the airline industry. There are plenty of people in this country who could become airline pilots – and want to – it’s a great career. But with low starting wages, it is presently not a good economic decision. This agreement with Silver helps toward the realization that the best way to address our nationwide pilot shortage is by enhancing the quality of life of regional pilots and by elevating the pilot profession. A significant step in the right direction is to help our pilots earn a decent living that allows them to recoup the costs they have invested to build flight time, earn the required FAA certifications, and become the highly trained and professional commercial pilots they are. Given the positive outcome we have achieved for our pilots here, we look forward to working closely with the new leadership team at Silver Airways as they strengthen, grow and hire more pilots.

  • Ed Knapp

    QOL improvement by keeping pilots at work for 18 possibly 20 consecutive days? This LOA has more concessions than any positives. It fails to mention the abuse the reserve pilots will receive.

  • Ed Knapp

    This conversation is over….

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  • Maria Maldonado

    I can’t wait to create 18 day long rsv lines. You pilots are so gonna get it!

  • bob

    i sent silver 2 emails with my resume’ attached (two different people at hr) last month never even bothered to reply to my emails. i sent one email to an airline in asia they replied offering me a job ! im just waiting for some paperwork and im flying there next week. have no idea why they didnt reply but am happy they didnt since the job in asia pays 250% more

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