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ICYMI: German auto supplier bringing 600-plus jobs to Lee County

In case you haven’t visited our Daily Journal website, we broke this great news last night:

A German automotive supplier, Grammer AG, is bringing more than 600 jobs to Lee County. Grammer LOGO

Some excerpts:

Today, local and state economic development leaders will gather at the Tupelo Lee Industrial Park South in Shannon to make the announcement.

State and local leaders declined to give details about the project, and said more information will be released at the 1:30 p.m. ceremony.

The Daily Journal has learned the company is Grammer AG of Amberg, Germany, and the project will bring more than 600 jobs.

Grammer AG has two major divisions:

Automotive, which supplies headrests, armrests, center consoles, head restraint systems, integrated child safety seats and side cushions to vehicle manufacturers.

Seating Systems, which provides driver’s seats for trucks and off-road vehicles, including tractors and agricultural machinery, construction machinery and forklifts, as well as driver and passenger seating for regional and high-speed long-haul trains, coaches and buses.

In November, Grammer said its Automotive division saw “very dynamic growth,” powered by higher sales in China and North America. The company also said its Seating Systems division “could also achieve higher revenues in the North American off-road market.”

It is unclear who Grammer will supply, but more details will be revealed Wednesday.

The company will occupy the 75,000-square-foot shell building in the industrial park, where Wednesday’s ceremony will be held.


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