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Tupelo – Tupelo! – has lowest gas price in state

When’s the last time the lowest gas price in Northeast Mississippi, much less the state, was in Tupelo?gas_pumps

Yeah, I don’t recall, either. But according to, that’s the case.

At least for now, the cheapest gas is at the Murphy Express on West Main Street that opened a week ago. It’s been posting low gas prices all week, forcing at  the Dodge’s across the street and J’s Store to lower their prices to a similar range.

For example this morning, Murphy was at $2.58. J’s Store is $2.69 and Dodge’s is $2.71 (cash only; credit is $2.81. What’s up with that?)

Meanwhile, prices around Tupelo are all over the place, from Sam’s at$2.73, $2.86 at Kroger to $2.89 at several other stations. And note that all the prices in the region are under $3. When’s the last time that happened, too?


  • Amory $2.93
  • Booneville: $2.97
  • Corinth $2.97
  • Fulton $2.84
  • New Albany $2.94
  • Oxford $2.97
  • Sherman $2.85
  • Starkville $2.98

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