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Mood ring? What about a mood car, says Toyota

What you think about a color-changing mood car? 

Toyota is intruding a concept car later this month, according to various reports. Here’s one from Bloomberg

A chameleon-like vehicle that changes color according to the driver’s mood, suggests destinations based on facial expressions, and warns of cars in blind spots forms part of Toyota Motor Corp.’s vision for the future.

The color-changing car is among the concept models that Toyota plans to display at the biennial Tokyo Motor Show this month. Still a work-in-progress, the vehicle codenamed Toyota FV2 presents applications that engineers envision may come out of the automaker’s research into humanoid robots and their use of facial and voice recognition.

“The car will appeal to future consumers of the digital generation, who have been used to smartphones or iPads from a young age,” said Takeo Moriai, a manager in Toyota’s product planning group. “Given that the technology is still at a very early stage of development, it’s challenging for us to figure out the extent to which the car can read emotions.”



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