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Office tips: DON’T TALK SO LOUD, get out of your shell and more

Courtesy of Fast Company are these tips on how to avoid bad office behavior. Among them, talking  too loud and  being an extreme extrovert. Speaker

Of course, you may have the ideal work setting and  none of these apply. Or you may have the office from Hades, and all may apply. It’s a good read.

We’ll provide a couple tips, but please read the rest by clicking on this  link. A  couple of office no-no’s:

The Cubicle Invader Undoubtedly, there will be one person that loves to just pop right into your office or cube and park themselves in an open seat for much longer than you prefer. They’ll talk your ear off about nothing related to work, or something you don’t have the slightest interest in. The Cubicle Invader is not a reputation you want to have, since it means you’re clearly not working at all.

The Drama Queen or King
There’s nothing like blowing a small argument or situation way, way out of proportion. When people yell and hold grudges in the office, it affects everyone. It also causes a divide in the team. If you are constantly making every situation into a much bigger deal than it has to be, people will think you can’t handle pressure on any level and you may not get the chance to take on a bigger role.


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