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UAM throws barbecue with replica Boeing 777 grill

Employees at Universal Asset Management today got a surprise barbecue lunch today, with the special guest being the United Airlines BBQ team from Houston, Texas.777 grill 2

The team, which got through feeding 1,200 people this weekend at a charity event in Chicago, drove the replica Boeing 777 grill to UAM’s facility at the Tupelo Regional Airport.

Keri Wright, UAM’s chief operating officer, said the lunch was a little “thank you” to the employees in Tupelo.

She also said UAM and United have had a long-standing relationship, dating back to when the company was Continental. United and Continental merged a few years ago. United has retired more than 50 planes with UAM over the years.

At UAM today for lunch, the management team served hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork, baked beans, chips, etc.777 grill 1

A little secret, however: The grill didn’t make it in til mid-morning, so UAM actually grilled earlier today, and the pork was cooked overnight.

But the 777 grill can crank it up when necessary. Sinasi Stewart, a manager at United and part of the cooking team, said at one event it cooked 1,500 pounds of brisket, 700 pounds of sausage and 700 pounds of ribs for 4,000 people over three days.

That’s a lot of meat.


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