Happy Labor Day – enjoy the day!

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If you’re on the beach, on the lake, or merely in the back yard having a barbecue, enjoy the day.

And if you’re working, Biz Buzz hopes you get some well-deserved time off eventually.


Nothing big on the horizon to post today, but here are a few numbers to ponder over the Labor Day weekend:

Labor Day weekend spending is expected to grow to $804, compared to $749 last year.
  • 24% of our spending will be on transportation and lodging
  • 21% of our spending will be on food and beverages
  • 57% of us will be dining out
  • 46% of us will be visiting with friends and family
  • 43% of us will go shopping

I’ve got to cut my back yard. Somehow that didn’t make the list. Oh, well. Enjoy!

Written by Dennis Seid

September 2, 2013 at 9:09 am

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