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Chinese labor union continues to disrupt Cooper Tire plant

The Cooper Tire joint venture in China, which has been in the middle of a work disruption involving Cooper’s merger with India-based Apollo Tyres, continues to be a thorn in Cooper’s side.

Here’s a more detailed report from the China-briefing website, which says the Chinese employees are working, but only making non-Cooper tires.

The Chinese worokers and management say they weren’t properly consulted about the merger, and besides, they don’t like Indians.

Well, there ya go.

An excerpt from the story:

The Chinese union has stressed the Indian management team is “not welcome” and have refused to participate in data system changes proposed to change the factory over to Apollo’s IT standards. The union claims, aside from the fact it states it was not involved in the takeover negotiations, that the Apollo deal will burden the China entity with too much debt, result in a clash of cultures between Chinese and the proposed Indian management, and that it is likely that workers will need to be laid off as a result. – See more at:

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