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New Chinese/Japanese restaurant Chopstick to open this week

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Chopstick, the new Chinese and Japanese restaurant is opening this week, either on Wednesday or Thursday.

Chopstick is located in the former China Garden at 150 S. Industrial Road in Tupelo.

Chopstick is located in the former China Garden at 150 S. Industrial Road in Tupelo.

I stopped by the restaurant in the former China Garden location on Industrial Road  (and before that, it was IV’s, if you’ll recall), and the interior has gotten a nice renovation. Most of the booths have been taken out in the dining room and replaced by tables, giving it a more open floor plan.

The owners are Haiwei Zhou and his wife, Nancy. You may remember Haiwei – he was most recently the manager at Mount Fuji, and he’s been in the restaurant business for  quite a few years. Nancy also has restaurant experience, having worked at China Capital and Kyoto.

Anyway, the restaurant has a buffet, but you can also order off the menu, which has a selection of – you guessed it – Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Yes, that means there will be sushi. And stuff from the hibachi grill.

Hours are Monday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. A lunch buffet will be available daily from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The phone number is (662) 842-1688 and the fax is 842-4528.

Written by Dennis Seid

September 30, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Cooper Tire shareholders approve merger

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More than 74 percent of Cooper Tire shareholders have approved the $2.5 billion merger with Apollo Tyres, the company announced.

Here’s the release:

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company (NYSE: CTB) today announced that its stockholders voted to approve its pending merger with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apollo Tyres Ltd (NSE: ApolloTYRE) with more than 74percent of Cooper’s outstanding common shares voted in favor of the transaction.

When finalized, the pending Apollo-Tyres-Logomerger will result in a strategic business combination that creates the seventh-largest tire company in the world. Approximately 78 percent of Cooper’s outstanding common shares were voted, with more than 48 million shares voted in favor of the merger, representing approximately 96 percent of Cooper’s voted shares.

“We are pleased stockholders endorsed this compelling transaction, which will create a $6.6 billion leader in the tire industry with a strong global footprint that includes a presence in the world’s largest tire market of North America as well as in the fastest growing geographies of India and China,” said Cooper Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Roy Armes.

Cooper and Apollo announced the proposed merger June 12, 2013 following unanimous approval by the boards of directors of both companies. The pending merger is expected to close by the end of this year.

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September 30, 2013 at 10:36 am

Food inspections 9.27.13: Harvey’s, Romie’s, Nautical Whimsey, Old Venice, UM union food

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The state Department of Health regularly inspects restaurants and food facilities.The facilities are graded from A to C. “A” is the best. “C” is the equivalent of failing, but the inspection isn’t bad enough to merit the closure of the restaurant.

The following Northeast Mississippi facilities were inspected between Sept. 20-27. The facilities are listed as they are in the MSDH system, even if there are typos. 
          —– A’s —–
Tupelo Nursing & Rehab Center, Harvey’s, Topp’s Deli, The Igloo  Plantersville), Brew-Ha’s Bar & Grill, Romie’s Grocery, Los Toros Mexican Restaurant, Subway (2270 W. Main, Tupelo), McDonald’s (South Gloster, Tupelo), Nautical Whimsey Italian Bistro & Wine  Bar, City Cafe (Baldwyn), Mama  Bar & Grill, Fresh Market Cafe, Sir Anthony’s Bakery, Old Venice Pizza Co., Waffle House (S. Gloster), Chick Fil-A @ (NMMC)
Chic-Fil-A (Student Union), Topio’s  (Student Union), School Food  Service (& Burger Studio, Student Union), Magnolia Kitchen (Student Union), Towers Grille  (@Stockard-Martin Halls), Sizzler  Steak House, Zoca @ The University of Mississippi, Toss It  Up (Student  Union), The Blind Pig Pub and Deli Restaurant, Southern Tsunami @ Student Union, Subway @ Student Union, Subway @ Student Union, South Depot Taco Shop Restaurant, Starbucks, Einstein Brothers  Bagel – Law School Read the rest of this entry »

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September 27, 2013 at 3:50 pm

Northeast Miss. gas prices continue downward trend

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Gas prices in Northeast Mississippi continue to fall, and we’re not complaining.

$3.09 seems to be a popular price  which isn’t bad at all.

But $3.03 is even better, and that’s the lowest price we found, and it’s in Fulton.

Sam’s Club in Tupelo is right behind at $3.04, provided you’re a member.

If you’re in Oxford, you’re having to pay about $3.26, the highest price in the region.

Also, we realize some gas stations are 20 cents or more higher if they’re selling non-ethanol gas. We’re not including them in our survey.

Prices elsewhere:

  • Amory: $3.08
  • Belden, Booneville, Corinth and Pontotoc: $3.09
  • New Albany: $3.05
  • Ripley: $3.17
  • Sherman: $3.06
  • Starkville: 3.11
  • Tupelo: $3.17

Written by Dennis Seid

September 27, 2013 at 2:15 pm

Financial Times: Apollo, Cooper Tire face ‘culture crash’ in China

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The Financial Times has a well-written piece about Apollo Tyre’s $2.5 billion bid to acquire Cooper Tire and the obstacle it faces in a factory in China.

It’s been written about before: The joint-venture majority owned by Cooper has seen its 5,000 workers bar Cooper management from entering and is producing only non-Cooper tires. It’s putting a wrench in the merger, which goes to a shareholder vote on Monday.

Here’s some excerpts from the story. Click here for a link to the entire piece:Apollo-Tyres-Logo

Cooper’s hold on the factory, a joint venture with the Chengshan Group in Shandong province, has been slipping away ever since the Apollo transaction was announced in June. Several of its own managers have been barred from entering, even though the Ohio company has a controlling 65 per cent stake in the operation.

According to Chengshan executives, who are also fiercely opposed to the buyout, the union will not allow the facility’s Cooper-appointed managing director, finance director and human resources director into the plant.

Cooper’s Shandong workforce says it will only relent if the transaction with Apollo is abandoned. And even if it is, the anger is such that it is unclear how Cooper would repair its relationship with Chengshan, which has asked a local court to dissolve the joint venture. The court recently dismissed an attempt by Cooper to have the dispute transferred to an arbitration panel in Hong Kong and is likely to rule on Chengshan’s petition in October.



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September 27, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Office tips: DON’T TALK SO LOUD, get out of your shell and more

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Courtesy of Fast Company are these tips on how to avoid bad office behavior. Among them, talking  too loud and  being an extreme extrovert. Speaker

Of course, you may have the ideal work setting and  none of these apply. Or you may have the office from Hades, and all may apply. It’s a good read.

We’ll provide a couple tips, but please read the rest by clicking on this  link. A  couple of office no-no’s:

The Cubicle Invader Undoubtedly, there will be one person that loves to just pop right into your office or cube and park themselves in an open seat for much longer than you prefer. They’ll talk your ear off about nothing related to work, or something you don’t have the slightest interest in. The Cubicle Invader is not a reputation you want to have, since it means you’re clearly not working at all.

The Drama Queen or King
There’s nothing like blowing a small argument or situation way, way out of proportion. When people yell and hold grudges in the office, it affects everyone. It also causes a divide in the team. If you are constantly making every situation into a much bigger deal than it has to be, people will think you can’t handle pressure on any level and you may not get the chance to take on a bigger role.


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September 27, 2013 at 8:51 am

Greenville, Tupelo working to get more Silver passengers

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Silver Airways began commercial air service nearly a year ago, but it’s been anything but a smooth flight.

“From our perspective, there was not a really good takeoff, so to speak, last year,” said Greenville  Mayor John Cox.Silver logo

The  initial flight was severely delayed because of weather, then problems with the airline’s website and reservation system cropped up. Delayed and canceled flights  also plagued the airline  during the first few months  of service.

But the mayors and airport directors of Greenville  and Tupelo – both of which are getting the federally subsidized air service – say the airline  has  improved dramatically, and are encouraging the public to fly Silver as much as it can.
Cox brought Greenville Mid-Delta Airport Director Draylan Gant and other city leaders to meet their Tupelo counterparts on Thursday to promote Silver, as well as develop their regional partnership.

Silver provides 18 weekly flights from Tupelo to Atlanta, with the flights originating and ending in Greenville.

“Our cities depend on each other for success,” Cox said, “so we want to work together and build our relationship.”

READ more in Friday’s  Daily Journal.


Written by Dennis Seid

September 26, 2013 at 7:04 pm