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Tupelo’s Cafe 212’s Elvis-inspired sandwiches make Zagat list

Zagat recently featured “50 States, 50 Sandwiches,” and Tupelo’s own Cafe 212 was featured for the Magnolia State. Cafe 212 logo

Every state has its own specialty dishes, but it’s often the unique regional sandwiches you find all around the U.S. that best embody the spirit of each community and its local cuisine. August is National Sandwich Month, so what better time to take a look at the 50 States of America and the delicious regional sandwiches found in each?

And for Mississippi, Zagat picked the Elvis Sandwich from Cafe 212:

Since Elvis was born in Tupelo in 1935, we have to give this state credit for the Elvis sandwich. True, he was probably eating this bomb of peanut butter, fried banana and bacon when he lived (and subsequently died) in Memphis, but hey, let’s give this one to Mississippi. You can of course get one of these infamous sandwiches at the Tupelo Elvis Festival, which takes place in Elvis’ birth town at the beginning of June. Or, for all the other days of the year, you can head to Café 212, where they not only serve this classic sandwich under the moniker Blue Suede Grill, but they also serve other Elvis-inspired sandwiches, including the Blue Hawaii Grill with ham, pineapple and mayo grilled on sourdough bread, and a hot dog dish lovingly called The Hound Dog. The King would be proud.

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