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Northeast Miss. gas prices going up 8/30/13

Pretty sure you’ve noticed gas prices going up all week, prompted no doubt by the tension over Syria. Any crisis in the MIddle East leads to worries over the oil supply, and you know what happens – oil prices, and thus gas prices – go up, too.

In Northeast Mississippi, there’s a wide range of prices, with a difference of 17 cents between the lowest and highest prices.

At least for now, the low price can be found in New Albany at $3.22 a gallon.

The high price of $3.37 can be found in several places, including Booneville, Oxford and Ripley.

So, as usual, find the cheapest gas you can and fill up.

Other gas prices in the region:

  • Amory $3.29
  • Belden $3.25
  • Corinth $3.35
  • Fulton $3.27
  • Pontotoc $3.31
  • Sam’s Club-Tupelo $3.24
  • Sherman $3.29
  • Starkville $3.35
  • Tupelo $3.29
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