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AT&T 4G LTE being tested in Tupelo

Our long national nightmare is nearly over! att-logo

OK, maybe a little dramatic there, but with AT&T‘s  4G LTE service popping up all around Tupelo and across the state, those of us in and near the All-America City have wondered for quite some time when we’d see it.

The company is, in fact,  testing the service in Tupelo, with little fanfare. That means it can go up and down at any point, an AT&T spokesman said.  So don’t get too frustrated if you have 4G LTE one moment and its gone the next.

Once testing is complete, AT&T will let us know it’s fully operational. Hey, you’ve waited this long, what’s a few more days?

So, again –  it shouldn’t be long before  AT&T 4G LTE is up and running – for those who have compatible devices.

Alas, I’ve got an iPhone 4S … and it’s only a year old. Oh, well. My wait will continue.




  • Michael Phillips

    Thank you Dennis!! This is awesome and what I’ve been waiting for. :)

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