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United Steelworkers looking to unionize Cooper Tire in Tupelo

UPDATE: Here’s the Daily Journal story that publishes Saturday, Aug. 17.


Friday’s Original Post:

The United Steelworkers is attempting to unionize  the 1300-worker Cooper Tire plant in Tupelo.Friday’s post:

Union organizers met with about 40 people at the Holiday Inn Express in Tupelo Thursday night and another meeting is scheduled tonight.

A USW staff organizer with the union declined to provide details of the meeting and its efforts, but told the Daily Journal, “you know why we’re here.”

Cooper Tire’s other U.S. plants, in Texarkana, Ark., and Findlay, Ohio (where Cooper is headquartered) are unionized, but at least two past attempts in the 29 years the company has been in Tupelo have been voted down.

Cooper Tire vice president of communications and public affairs Anne Roman told the Daily Journal that the company is aware of the USW’s organizing efforts.

While employees at the Tupelo plant have the right to decide if a union is right for them or not, Cooper has a similar right to express to our team that we do not believe a union is in the best interests of the workforce. The Tupelo employees have demonstrated over the years that their performance – including an outstanding safety record – has made this plant a role model for other facilities in many ways. Cooper greatly values the contributions of Tupelo employees and we have always been able to work directly and successfully with the team there without the interference of a third party.


  • JD

    Hey TUPELO … Wanna put your factory towards the top of any upcoming closure list[s]? Unionize.

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