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Tupelo’s first food truck to open soon

You might have heard about it, and likely seen something on Facebook: Tupelo’s first food truck will be opening localmobilelogosoon.

It’s called Local Mobile, with the tagline “It’s a food truck, y’all.”  The brains behind the operation is Curt McLellan.

Don’t know what a food truck is? Pretty much what it sounds – it’s a big truck with a mobile kitchen inside that serves food. If your Food Network fan, you’ve probably seen “The Great Food Truck Race” with chef Tyler Florence.

McLellan will offer sliders, po-boys and a special, all made from local ingredients.

The truck has been painted and is getting its logos put on. Then McLellan will need to do some work on the interior of the truck to get it ready.

Here’s what he said about his food truck concept:

I think Tupelo is starving for something new that larger cities have, a nice food truck that uses fresh mostly local ingredients with a self proclaimed foodie on the flattop. I am still not sure if everyone will know exactly what it is until they try it. That’s why we put ‘it’s a food truck y’all’ in the logo. I plan to set up in several areas of town depending on business. Probably, downtown a couple of days a week, down by the hospital a couple of times a week and probably have a day that I just go wherever.

Keep up with him on Facebook. We’ll also be doing an extended interview with him soon. Can’t wait!

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