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Philips recognized as TVA Green Power leader

Philips, formerly Day-Brite Lighting in Tupelo, has won a Green Power Switch Leadership Award by tva-logo-copythe Tennessee Valley Authority.

Philips won the top category for businesses, receiving the  “Innovator of the Year- Energy Efficiency.”

The award is given to a customer that combines their GPS purchase with innovative energy efficiency initiatives.

Philips’ contribution to the TVA Green Power Switch program: Each $4 block of Green Power Switch purchased is added to the end-user’s monthly electric bill and ensures 150 kilowatt-hours of electricity is generated by a renewable resource such as wind, solar or biomass. Philips is the largest GPS purchaser in Mississippi as well as a valuable trade ally partner for TVA in the Commercial and Industrial program through the manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products in the TVA service territory.

Said TVA: “Through Phillips commitment to energy efficient lighting products and through their annual commitment to purchase Green Power, Philips has dramatically reduced its carbon footprint while also delivering EEDR projects and products to TVA customers helping TVA build their virtual power plant. Philip’s commitment to both producing energy efficient products and utilizing green energy demonstrates their commitment to sustainability within the TVA service territory.”

And more from the TVA:

The Tennessee Valley Authority has honored regional businesses, local power distributors and other local leaders for exceptional leadership and participation in TVA’s Green Power Switch renewable energy program in 2012. Green Power Switch Leadership Awards were presented in 13 categories Tuesday in a special ceremony in Gatlinburg.

Launched in 2000, Green Power Switch is the first program of its kind in the Southeast to give consumers and businesses a way to support renewable energy by purchasing 150-kilowatt blocks of TVA green power through their local power company.

Today, nearly 12,000 residential customers and more than 500 businesses are subscribed to the TVA program, purchasing almost 47,000 blocks of green power monthly.

The Leadership Awards recognized local power companies that signed up the most consumers, the most businesses or the highest percentage of customers in Green Power Switch. Businesses were recognized for the most Green Power Switch energy blocks purchased or the most Green Power Switch purchased combined with energy efficiency efforts.


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