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Not all planes come to die at Tupelo Regional

The Sun D’Or Boeing 757 that was parked near the Tupelo Airport Regional passenger waiting area (the big glass and steel tower) for quite a few months is off to a new owner and a new home.

The plane, once owned by the Israeli airline and retired after a 21-year run, was brought in my Universal Asset Management earlier this year. But unlike most of the 747s, 737s and other aircraft broken down and recycled by UAM, this particular 757-200 didn’t come to Tupelo to die.

In fact, it’s the first plane UAM has refurbished and sold. It’s new owner is FedEx and is headed to California.


  • scott burden

    That is pretty cool! Does UAM do many refurbs?

    • Carlie Kollath Wells

      This is the first one UAM did in Tupelo. Not sure about its other operations.

  • Sam Bates

    Is the Pokemon plane being sold? I don’t want it to go:(

    • Carlie Kollath Wells

      It’s my understanding the plane is being salvaged so see it soon if you want to see it in one piece.

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