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4 ways to get better online biz reviews

Via a press release:

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V. Michael Santoro, a small business internet marketing consultant and co-author of Niche Dominance: Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos, offers tips to businesses to help protect themselves online:

• Develop a 5-Star Reputation: Begin by having your happy customers post great reviews about your business. Strive to have at least 10.

• Market Your Reputation: Once reviews are posted, use a well-designed online marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to your website.

• Manage Your Reputation: Regularly check that the reviews being posted are positive. By building up the positive reviews, you can counter a poor one by sheer volume. You should also quickly post a reply to a negative review if they occur. Always be professional and indicate what action you have taken to remedy the situation.

• Create a Reputation Marketing Culture: Train your staff to proactively ask customers for reviews and to deal immediately with any customer who appears unhappy. A positive culture will encourage customers to post positive reviews about your business.

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