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Wicks N’ More still mulling options for manufacturing

Wicks N’ More owner Beckey Neal in an email said she still hopes to get the business up and running again.

The company’s factory was destroyed in a fire in September, and last month, Neal said insurance would be insufficient to cover the costs of rebuilding in this story  (click here).

Her email said their store in The Mall at Barnes Crossing was closed. Neal said shortly after the fire  that she hoped to keep it open as a gift retail shop of some kind.

Mall officials said they got little notice it would be closed.

Here’s the email:

We have closed the retail location in the Barnes Crossing Mall .

This is a difficult decision this close to Xmas but under our overwhelming circumstances we need all of our energy focused on saving our manufacturing business.

We encourage our retail customers to visit New Albany Florist Shop where they can purchase most of our products. Candles, tarts and oils are available there.

We hope to be manufacturing in a temporary location soon and will focus on rebuilding as soon as possible.

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