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It’s Simply Sweet by Margarete that’s opening

OK, so I had a brain fart yesterday. It’s NOT going to be called Sweet Treats by Margarete but Simply Sweet by Magarete that will be opening in the former  Mrs. Robinson’s Grill on Green Street in Tupelo.

My apologies! So again, it’s Simply Sweet by Margarete.

From yesterday’s post:

So when is it opening?

“Before Christmas, but definitely after Thanksgiving,” she said.

“It will be a bakery, and we’ll have some European breads, some American breads, cakes, pastries. …  you’ll be able to order by the slice if you want,” she said. “You can sit down and eat or take them with you.”

She’s adding a few tables and chairs so customers can enjoy.

Biz Buzz will catch up with Margarete when she gets closer to opening and post photos and more info.

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