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Drive-by: Former Rebel Package Store 9/20/12

By | October 2, 2012
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    Tupelo_Guy 6 years ago Reply

    LOL! I went by there last weekend..I thought it was a hippie, looks can be deceiving! I didn’t really like the store though.

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    JustSaying 6 years ago Reply

    I was there a few days ago and was the only shopper in the store. The worker there didn’t acknowledge me in anyway while I was there.

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      Man, I hate to hear that. Customer service is a big issue for retailers. Maybe the employee was having an off day.

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      frequent shopper 6 years ago Reply

      I am a regular at Peace of Mind Resale. The owners are awesome. You can not find a better place to find great deals on clothes.

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    DirtyDawgSouth360 6 years ago Reply

    What are some hippie stores here in Tupelo?

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      My loose definition of a hippie store is a retailer that sells incense and patchouli.

      Using that definition, Main Attraction in downtown Tupelo qualifies. It’s a nice gift shop with a bohemian feel.

      Earthbound Trading Co. at the mall is another store with a hippie products along with awesome trinkets (gnome statues!).

      Oxford has one too, but I can’t remember the name of it. It’s past The Beacon on the right.

      Know of any other hippie stores?

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        Tupelo_Guy 6 years ago Reply

        One day, I would love to open a hippie store that sells incense, patchouli, tie-dye tapestries, water pipes, pipes, hookahs. But I don’t know what is City’s view on selling smoking accessories. Do you know?

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          Marilyn Vail at the city’s Department of Development Services can help you with what is/isn’t legal for biz permits.

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            Tupelo_Guy 6 years ago

            Okay thanks Carlie!

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    Peace of Mind Resale 6 years ago Reply

    Carlie, thanks for stopping by and
    checking out the store. Let me add a few things if I can. We have been open in
    the 630 North Gloster location since the end of March of this year. We love
    different and unusual finds, all our inventory is based on the used treasures
    we come across. Our store is probably not for every shopper, but we have a
    wonderful customer base. If for some reason anyone did not feel welcome in our
    store we deeply apologize….we try our best to speak to every customer that
    comes in and try to be of assistance to everyone, please except our deepest
    apology and at least give us another try…We pride our self in customer
    service and try to make sure you are satisfied with your purchases.

    Everyone should stop in and check out
    the great deals we have at least once. Hope to see y’all soon.

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      Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize y’all moved in March. How time flies! Thought it had only been a couple weeks. Wow.

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